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General Counsel

The firm often acts as outside, general counsel for healthcare providers. Like every well-run business, the primary physician cannot see patients and run day-to-day operations. A good practice manager is necessary to oversee staff, communication, billing, and the business of medicine. The firm is the practice manager’s right hand.

Review and revision of patient intake forms, corporate documents, and the review of all contracts is standard. Additionally, the firm coordinates all your legal needs including those areas which the firm does not handle such as employment, medical malpractice, and litigation bringing in other professionals and managing their work on behalf of the practice.

The firm offers an LMP which is a flat fee per month for all communication between your practice and the firm. The LMP reduces your practices cost per phone call and email so that you are free to pick up the phone or send email inquiries to your attorney as if your legal representative were in your office.

Karen B. Schapira, PLLC